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Telucti / May 12, 2017

Welcome the Broken Horn Tribe's website! Here at BHT, we use the website as a resource for info about the guild itself, and how we run and handle things ICly. If you are interested in the guild, please check out these threads for the info you need...

Telucti / Apr 14, 2017

The Broken Horn Tribe, WrA's largest tauren only guild has successfully reclaimed their home from the Legion forces that occupied it. Now looking forward to healing their land and returning to their lands, the Tribe takes a break to lick their wou...

Telucti / Feb 28, 2017

Hello and welcome to our website! This month has been pretty busy in terms of RP. The BHT has resettled nicely in Mulgore after their return from Highmountain and after a wonderful and successful hunt, the tribe now looks north to retake their hom...

Telucti / Nov 01, 2016

Next of Kin Arc started last night! Here's the link for the journal on what happened from Telucti's point of view!